United States United States: Electricity consumption per capita (kWh)

The data set "Electricity consumption per capita (kWh)" for United States contains data from the year 1960 until 2014.
Electric power consumption measures the production of power plants and combined heat and power plants less transmission, distribution, and transformation losses and own use by heat and power plants.


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Electricity Daten

Data set Value
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Electricity consumption per capita (kWh)
Electricity exports (kWh) 12,000,000,000
Electricity imports (kWh) 59,260,000,000
Access to electricity (% of population) 100.0
Electricity production from oil, gas and coal sources (% of total) 67.2
Electric power transmission and distribution losses (% of output) 5.9
Time required to get electricity (days) 89.6
Capacity of power plants, total (megawatt) 1,073,438
Capacity of power plants, public (megawatt) 1,036,351
Capacity of power plants, self-producer (megawatt) 37,087

General data

Data set Value
Population, total 325,127,634
Area (sq. km) 9,831,510.0
Gross domestic product in exchange rates (US $) 18,569,100,000,000
Gross domestic product per capita (US $) 57,467