Mayotte Mayotte: Roundwood, non-coniferous, total, production volume (cu. meters)

The data set "Roundwood, non-coniferous, total, production volume (cu. meters)" for Mayotte contains data from the year until .
Wood in the rough. Wood in its natural state as felled, or otherwise harvested, with or without bark, round, split, roughly squared or other forms (e.g. roots, stumps, burls, etc.). It may also be impregnated (e.g. telegraph poles) or roughly shaped or pointed. It comprises all wood obtained from removals, i.e. the quantities removed from forests and from trees outside the forest, including wood recovered from natural, felling and logging losses during the period - calendar year or forest year. Commodities included are sawlogs and veneer logs, pulpwood, other industrial roundwood (including pitprops) and fuelwood. The statistics include recorded volumes, as well as estimated unrecorded volumes as indicated in the notes. Statistics for trade include, as well as roundwood from removals, the estimated roundwood equivalent of chips and particles, wood residues and charcoal.


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Roundwood, total Daten

Data set Value
Roundwood, total, production volume (cu. meters) 26,650

General data

Data set Value
Population, total 259,682
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