Egypt Egypt: Subsidies and other transfers (current local currency units)

The data set "Subsidies and other transfers (current local currency units)" for Egypt contains data from the year 1987 until 2014.
Subsidies, grants, and other social benefits include all unrequited, nonrepayable transfers on current account to private and public enterprises; grants to foreign governments, international organizations, and other government units; and social security, social assistance benefits, and employer social benefits in cash and in kind.


This section displays the historical data as line chart.

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Subsidies Daten

Data set Value
Subsidies and other transfers (% of expense) 42.8

General data

Data set Value
Population, total 84,705,681
Area (sq. km) 1,001,450.0
Gross domestic product in exchange rates (US $) 336,296,921,759
Gross domestic product per capita (US $) 3,514