Cookinseln Cookinseln: Gasdieselöl, Importe (tausend metrische Tonnen)

Der Datensatz "Gasdieselöl, Importe (tausend metrische Tonnen)" für Cookinseln enthält Daten vom Jahr 1990 bis 2015.
Heavy oils distilling between 200°C and 380°C, but distilling less than 65% in volume at 250°C, including losses, and 85% or more at 350°C. Its flash point is always above 50°C and its specific gravity is higher than 0.82. Heavy oils obtained by blending are grouped together with gas oils on the condition that their kinematic viscosity does not exceed 27.5 cSt at 38°C. Also included are middle distillates intended for the petrochemical industry. Gas-diesel oils are used as a fuel for internal combustion in diesel engines, as a burner fuel in heating installations, such as furnaces, and for enriching water gas to increase its luminosity. Other names for this product are diesel fuel, diesel oil, gas oil and solar oil.
The international trade of energy commodities is based on the 'general trade' system, that is, all goods entering and leaving the national boundary of a country are recorded as imports and exports.
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Gasdieselöl Daten

Datensatz Wert
ausgewählter Datensatz
Gasdieselöl, Importe (tausend metrische Tonnen)

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Datensatz Wert
Bevölkerung, gesamt 17.411
Bruttoinlandsprodukt nach Wechselkursen (US $) 183.200.000
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