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Crop - Fruits

Fruits, total Value
Fruits without melons, total, production quantity (tons)
Fruits without melons, total, area harvested (hectare)
Fruits without melons, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Fruits fresh, others, production quantity (tons)
Fruits fresh, others, area harvested (hectare)
Fruits fresh, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Apples Value
Apples, production quantity (tons)
Apples, area harvested (hectare)
Apples, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Pears Value
Pears, production quantity (tons)
Pears, area harvested (hectare)
Pears, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Peaches and nectarines Value
Peaches and nectarines, production quantity (tons)
Peaches and nectarines, area harvested (hectare)
Peaches and nectarines, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Apricots Value
Apricots, production quantity (tons)
Apricots, area harvested (hectare)
Apricots, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cherries Value
Cherries, production quantity (tons)
Cherries, area harvested (hectare)
Cherries, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Citrus fruits, total Value
Citrus fruits, total, production quantity (tons)
Citrus fruits, total, area harvested (hectare)
Citrus fruits, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Citrus fruits, others, production quantity (tons)
Citrus fruits, others, area harvested (hectare)
Citrus fruits, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Lemons and limes Value
Lemons and limes, production quantity (tons)
Lemons and limes, area harvested (hectare)
Lemons and limes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Kiwi fruits Value
Kiwi fruits, production quantity (tons)
Kiwi fruits, area harvested (hectare)
Kiwi fruits, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Plums and sloes Value
Plums and sloes, production quantity (tons)
Plums and sloes, area harvested (hectare)
Plums and sloes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Grapes Value
Grapes, production quantity (tons)
Grapes, area harvested (hectare)
Grapes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Melons Value
Watermelons, production quantity (tons)
Watermelons, area harvested (hectare)
Watermelons, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Quinces Value
Quinces, production quantity (tons)
Quinces, area harvested (hectare)
Quinces, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Berries

Strawberries Value
Strawberries, production quantity (tons)
Strawberries, area harvested (hectare)
Strawberries, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Raspberries Value
Raspberries, production quantity (tons)
Raspberries, area harvested (hectare)
Raspberries, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Gooseberries Value
Gooseberries, production quantity (tons)
Gooseberries, area harvested (hectare)
Gooseberries, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Currants Value
Currants, production quantity (tons)
Currants, area harvested (hectare)
Currants, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Berries, others Value
Berries, others, production quantity (tons)
Berries, others, area harvested (hectare)
Berries, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Vegetables

Vegetables, total Value
Vegetables and melons, total, production quantity (tons)
Vegetables and melons, total, area harvested (hectare)
Vegetables and melons, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Vegetables fresh, others, production quantity (tons)
Vegetables fresh, others, area harvested (hectare)
Vegetables fresh, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Potatoes Value
Potatoes, production quantity (tons)
Potatoes, area harvested (hectare)
Potatoes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Tomatoes Value
Tomatoes, production quantity (tons)
Tomatoes, area harvested (hectare)
Tomatoes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Maize Value
Maize, total, production quantity (tons)
Maize, total, area harvested (hectare)
Maize, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Lettuce and chicory Value
Lettuce and chicory, production quantity (tons)
Lettuce and chicory, area harvested (hectare)
Lettuce and chicory, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cucumbers and gherkins Value
Cucumbers and gherkins, production quantity (tons)
Cucumbers and gherkins, area harvested (hectare)
Cucumbers and gherkins, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cabbages Value
Cabbages and other brassicas, production quantity (tons)
Cabbages and other brassicas, area harvested (hectare)
Cabbages and other brassicas, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Chillies and peppers Value
Chillies and peppers, green, production quantity (tons)
Chillies and peppers, green, area harvested (hectare)
Chillies and peppers, green, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Chillies and peppers, dry, production quantity (tons)
Chillies and peppers, dry, area harvested (hectare)
Chillies and peppers, dry, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Onions Value
Onions, dry, production quantity (tons)
Onions, dry, area harvested (hectare)
Onions, dry, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Garlic Value
Garlic, production quantity (tons)
Garlic, area harvested (hectare)
Garlic, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Pumpkins Value
Pumpkins, squash and gourds, production quantity (tons)
Pumpkins, squash and gourds, area harvested (hectare)
Pumpkins, squash and gourds, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Carrots and turnips Value
Carrots and turnips, production quantity (tons)
Carrots and turnips, area harvested (hectare)
Carrots and turnips, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Vegetables cont.

Sugar beet Value
Sugar beet, production quantity (tons)
Sugar beet, area harvested (hectare)
Sugar beet, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Eggplants Value
Eggplants, production quantity (tons)
Eggplants, area harvested (hectare)
Eggplants, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cauliflowers and broccoli Value
Cauliflowers and broccoli, production quantity (tons)
Cauliflowers and broccoli, area harvested (hectare)
Cauliflowers and broccoli, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Spices

Pepper Value
Pepper, production quantity (tons)
Pepper, area harvested (hectare)
Pepper, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Spices, other Value
Spices, others, production quantity (tons)
Spices, others, area harvested (hectare)
Spices, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Tabaco

Tobacco Value
Tobacco, production quantity (tons)
Tobacco, area harvested (hectare)
Tobacco, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Seeds

Sunflower seed Value
Sunflower seed, production quantity (tons)
Sunflower seed, area harvested (hectare)
Sunflower seed, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Oilseeds Value
Oilseeds, others, production quantity (tons)
Oilseeds, others, area harvested (hectare)
Oilseeds, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Linseed Value
Linseed, production quantity (tons)
Linseed, area harvested (hectare)
Linseed, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Mustard seed Value
Mustard seed, production quantity (tons)
Mustard seed, area harvested (hectare)
Mustard seed, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Seed cotton Value
Seed cotton, production quantity (tons)
Seed cotton, area harvested (hectare)
Seed cotton, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Safflower seed Value
Safflower seed, production quantity (tons)
Safflower seed, area harvested (hectare)
Safflower seed, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Rapeseed Value
Rapeseed, production quantity (tons)
Rapeseed, area harvested (hectare)
Rapeseed, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Roots

Roots and tubers Value
Roots and tubers, total, production quantity (tons)
Roots and tubers, total, area harvested (hectare)
Roots and tubers, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Cereals

Cereals, total Value
Cereals, total, production quantity (tons)
Cereals, total, area harvested (hectare)
Cereals, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Rice Value
Rice, paddy, production quantity (tons)
Rice, paddy, area harvested (hectare)
Rice, paddy, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Rice, milled, area harvested (hectare)
Rice, milled, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Wheat Value
Wheat, production quantity (tons)
Wheat, area harvested (hectare)
Wheat, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Barley Value
Barley, production quantity (tons)
Barley, area harvested (hectare)
Barley, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Oats Value
Oats, production quantity (tons)
Oats, area harvested (hectare)
Oats, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Buckwheat Value
Buckwheat, production quantity (tons)
Buckwheat, area harvested (hectare)
Buckwheat, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Rye Value
Rye, production quantity (tons)
Rye, area harvested (hectare)
Rye, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Millet Value
Millet, production quantity (tons)
Millet, area harvested (hectare)
Millet, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Mixed grain Value
Mixed grain, production quantity (tons)
Mixed grain, area harvested (hectare)
Mixed grain, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Coarse grain Value
Coarse grain, production quantity (tons)
Coarse grain, area harvested (hectare)
Coarse grain, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Sorghum Value
Sorghum, production quantity (tons)
Sorghum, area harvested (hectare)
Sorghum, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Triticale Value
Triticale, production quantity (tons)
Triticale, area harvested (hectare)
Triticale, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Oilcrops

Oilcrops Value
Oilcrops primary, production quantity (tons)
Oilcrops primary, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Mushrooms

Mushrooms and truffles Value
Mushrooms and truffles, production quantity (tons)

Crop - Pulses

Pulses, total Value
Pulses, total, production quantity (tons)
Pulses, total, area harvested (hectare)
Pulses, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Pulses, others, production quantity (tons)
Pulses, others, area harvested (hectare)
Pulses, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Beans Value
Beans, green, production quantity (tons)
Beans, green, area harvested (hectare)
Beans, green, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Beans, dry, production quantity (tons)
Beans, dry, area harvested (hectare)
Beans, dry, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Peas Value
Peas, green, production quantity (tons)
Peas, green, area harvested (hectare)
Peas, green, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Peas, dry, production quantity (tons)
Peas, dry, area harvested (hectare)
Peas, dry, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Soybeans Value
Soybeans, production quantity (tons)
Soybeans, area harvested (hectare)
Soybeans, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Nuts

Peanuts Value
Peanuts, production quantity (tons)
Peanuts, area harvested (hectare)
Peanuts, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Pistachios Value
Pistachios, production quantity (tons)
Pistachios, area harvested (hectare)
Pistachios, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Almonds Value
Almonds, production quantity (tons)
Almonds, area harvested (hectare)
Almonds, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Walnuts Value
Walnuts, production quantity (tons)
Walnuts, area harvested (hectare)
Walnuts, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Hazelnuts Value
Hazelnuts, production quantity (tons)
Hazelnuts, area harvested (hectare)
Hazelnuts, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Treenuts, total Value
Treenuts, total, production quantity (tons)
Treenuts, total, area harvested (hectare)
Treenuts, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Nuts, others Value
Nuts, others, production quantity (tons)
Nuts, others, area harvested (hectare)
Nuts, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)

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